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Special steel production
in forgings and castings

After conventional carbon steels, it is the second most common steel in drawings. It is loved by designers and technologists for its capabilities, properties and availability on the market.

Each type of steel, as well as their generic name, indicates the scope of application and operating conditions. The choice in favor of a specific group of steel grades is characterized by the following requirements:

Each type of steel and its generic name indicates the scope and operating conditions of the steel

This type of steel plays a key role in mechanical engineering for the production of workpieces, for its resistance to wear, resistance to high pressure. And resistant to scale formation

In everyday life, they are called "stainless steel", for their ability to withstand corrosion when exposed to an aggressive environment, and for resistance to elevated temperatures

This type of steel has an ultra-high ability to maintain linear dimensions and maintain mechanical properties when exposed to high temperatures, friction, and also has high abrasion resistance


We are ready to cut your workpieces in the shortest possible time on band saws. Cutting is carried out on band saws

We have vast experience in heat treatment (annealing) of special steels.

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The first manufacturer of special steels in Ukraine. Shipping in low-tonnage batches (starting from 130 kg) with a full metallurgical cycle

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    Heat Treatment
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    Casting and receiving a blacksmith ingot (blank)
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    Hot warping on a Blacksmith press or Hammer to obtain the required shape of the forgings

Advantages of our production

metallurgical studio

Yes, we are an atelier with a full metallurgical cycle in the production of special steel in forgings or castings. All processes are subordinated to the needs of the consumer. Mobility and constant readiness of production to meet the requirements of the consumer are a priority.

Low batch tonnage

This is our most important advantage. "Assembly melting" from 130 kg for special steel. This gives us the opportunity to produce and deliver the necessary blanks in a short time. But if you need a billet of 3, 6, 10 tons, we will do it.

Steel quality

Our regular customers describe our steel in two words - "consistently high". We provide an individual approach to order fulfillment. In the language of UZK-quality group of forgings 2n-3n in the smelting of blacksmith ingot by open induction remelting


We produce steel in accordance with GOST, TU, and DSTU standards. By separate agreement, we produce steel in DIN, AISI, EN standards.